Ben and Bert leads in mouthTo relieve long days left at home on their own, many of our clients who work full time utilize the Wellness Visit option for their puppy, adolescent or adult dog.

One of Perth’s most experienced Trainers, Georgia, visits your home while you are working to spend time with your dog.

Georgia works on behaviours that will help you and your dog to live in harmony such as: walking on a loose lead, coming when called and greeting dogs and people calmly.

Georgia can also assist with helping to find and maintain a suitable social group for your dog, as this is so crucial for young dogs and their well-being. Georgia will pick up your dog and take them to a suitable walking location along with colleague, Rachel Bull from Co-Conspiriteurs and her 4-legged clients. These doggy adventures can start as soon as the foundation behaviours are worked on one on one with Georgia. These sessions are 60 minutes minimum, often running overtime (You can’t stop a brilliant adventure just because of a time limit!).

Georgia can also provide Bowen Therapy for your dog during the visit, as well as husbandry procedures such as nail trimming.

Wellness Visits are an alternative to doggy daycare. Arriving home to a satisfied, content and sufficiently exercised young dog after a long day at work is what our client’s love best about this service.

An SMS report of the session or a journal entry is made at the end of every session so you are able to work with Georgia towards your goals for your dog’s behaviour. Georgia also likes to SMS photos of your dog so you can be assured your dog is having a nice time while you are at work.

A monthly session with all of the human family is recommended to discuss and demonstrate progress and for Georgia to make recommendations or changes to your dog’s training plan. It is also important that the skills are transferred to the family so there is consistent communication for the dog.

A 60 minute visit is $60 for clients within 20 kms of 6024. A 90-120 minute visit is $90 and is for those days where you are away from the house for longer then usual. Some of our clients have even utilised the longer session while they are away on holiday and have family minding their dog.

The best results come about with a twice weekly visit. Contact Us to enquire about Wellness Visits.

*Please note: Wellness Visits are only available to clients who live within 20kms of 6024.