Bender nedlandsAgility for Fun is a 5 week course for those new to agility. Agility is the most fun dog class that you can do with your dog (well, we think so anyway) because learning is wrapped in fun!!

For the first of the 5 lessons, owners come along without their dogs to learn some basic agility handling techniques. This is most effective when done without having to focus on your dog also. Several furry agility superstars are available to help out by helping to teach new handlers some agility skills.

As well as learning basic agility equipment the course covers strength building exercises, stretching and proprioception exercises. There is a strong focus on training without strain on your dog’s body.

This course is suitable for dogs over 4 months of age who are able to work in a group class environment (dogs must be comfortable with other dogs in close proximity). Your dog’s focus, strength and connection with you will improve during this course.

We also cover focus exercises and work towards the goal of working on the equipment off lead, although the course can be done without your dog going off lead.

This is a boutique agility course with only 5 participants per class so that individual attention and instruction is at a maximum level.

The next course starts 8:30am Saturday 11th November and runs to Saturday 9th December 2017. The class is held at Lawler Park, Draper Street in Floreat.

Contact us to book your spot.