Agility training classes are one of the most fun things to do with your dog!

If you can’t commit to a course or would like individual coaching, a one on one session is your answer.

There are limited options for owners who don’t have their own agility gear. Training with a dog club is a great experience but often your time on the equipment is limited because of the volume of dogs in the class.

30 minute sessions are held in Floreat on Saturday mornings and you get a coach all to yourself, PLUS you don’t have to pack away gear! Just arrive, warm up, train, warm down and head home.

Sessions are suitable for dogs of all ages (from 4 months of age) and the lesson is catered to yours and your dog’s needs. The focus is FUN and training without causing strain on your dog’s body.

30 minute sessions are $60 and will increase your dog’s focus on you, their proprioception and strength as well as improving their recall and overall connection with you.

Contact us to book.